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Creative. Commercial. Strategic. Welcome to Champions Advertising.


Looking for an advertising agency that delivers results?

At Champions Advertising, we use our multi-channel knowhow to create and deliver engaging campaigns that make a big impact.

Whether it is a primetime TV campaign, direct mail, radio, digital or outdoor advertising that best suits your needs, our creative team offers relevant, commercially-minded solutions that fit your brand and your budget, and drive awareness.

From the outset, our approach is collaborative. We get to know our clients. Their priorities, who their customers are and the aims and objectives of their campaign.

We combine our original, innovative thinking with our commercial awareness. The result is quality content that minimises media spend, generates responses and delivers ROI.

Thanks to the relationships we build, we are able to secure competitive rates with leading media and advertising outlets across all forms of advertising.

Our campaigns aren’t just based on what looks good. We identify who you should be targeting and use that information to secure advertising campaigns that connect you with your audience.

Get in touch to discuss your advertising requirements and find out why we are winners of multiple RAR awards.

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Champions HQ

Daudu Adetokunbo

Daudu Adetokunbo

Senior Web and Application Developer

Role: Web and Software Development/Team Lead

Dislikes: Noise.

Fun work fact: Writing Codes, and Listening to Music.

Fun non work fact: Movies, Party, Field Trip, and Amusement Parks.

Sophia Hayes

Sophia Hayes

Sales Director

Role: I manage the sales side of the business from magazine adverts, table sales and awards Sponsorship.

Fun work fact: The best day of my working life was when I found out the Co-op sold Sushi!

Fun non work fact: I ♥ Ronan Keating

Beth Smithard

Beth Smithard

Celebrity Executive

Role: I have recently started at Champions in the Celebrity department. I look after the sole managed Celebrities and look to secure them speaking work and endorsement deals.

Dislikes: People who cook their cats

Fun work fact: I think I may have got this job by revealing my secret love for Christopher Biggins

Fun non work fact: I occasionally burst into song and I am not a talented singer

Sarah Hatcher

Sarah Hatcher

Senior Marketing Manager

Role: I manage and oversee the marketing department, including the design, web and copywriting teams. I also manage and oversee regional and national marketing accounts including being responsible for the day to day marketing requirements for leading frozen food retailer Farmfoods.

Fun work fact: In my time so far at Champions I have been to over 70 printing press passes……if not more! #dedicatedtoprint

Fun non work fact: I have recently married my fiancé Arron in September 2014 and hence forth shall be addressed as 'Lady Sarah Jane Hatcher'

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