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Creative. Commercial. Strategic. Welcome to Champions Advertising.


Looking for an advertising agency that delivers results?

At Champions Advertising, we use our multi-channel knowhow to create and deliver engaging campaigns that make a big impact.

Whether it is a primetime TV campaign, direct mail, radio, digital or outdoor advertising that best suits your needs, our creative team offers relevant, commercially-minded solutions that fit your brand and your budget, and drive awareness.

From the outset, our approach is collaborative. We get to know our clients. Their priorities, who their customers are and the aims and objectives of their campaign.

We combine our original, innovative thinking with our commercial awareness. The result is quality content that minimises media spend, generates responses and delivers ROI.

Thanks to the relationships we build, we are able to secure competitive rates with leading media and advertising outlets across all forms of advertising.

Our campaigns aren’t just based on what looks good. We identify who you should be targeting and use that information to secure advertising campaigns that connect you with your audience.

Get in touch to discuss your advertising requirements and find out why we are winners of multiple RAR awards.

If you want to know more about advertising, visit our blog.

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Champions HQ

Jenni Purser

Jenni Purser

Events Executive

Role: Assisting for Events.

Fun non work fact: Me and my family won an all-expenses paid holiday to Beverly Hills, where we stayed in the Beverly Hills Hotel for a week. Such an amazing experience!

Joris Girdzijauskas

Joris Girdzijauskas

Web Developer

Role: Making websites - the way they're structured, the way they function and the way they look. Also the odd bit of techy problem solving anywhere in the office.

Dislikes: Disorganisation and crowded places, unless there's awesome music I love on

Fun work fact: Someone put my surname twice in my work e-mail...

Fun non work fact: Anytime someone says a math question out loud and I hear it, I have to solve it in my head

Fran Bonfiglio

Fran Bonfiglio

PR Manager

Role: I look after various brands in corporate/consumer PR – identifying key hooks and securing space in relevant magazines for my clients.

Fun work fact: Champions was my first job after graduating from Nottingham Trent Uni in 2013 , where I studied Media & Journalism.

Fun non work fact: I'm part Italian and many people have trouble pronouncing my name, the best story is a man calling me, Fran BonblaughFigla.

Rachel Roark

Rachel Roark

Music & Entertainment Sales Executive

Role: I book celebrity acts and speakers from the world of sports, music and entertainment for a variety of events whether it be corporate, civic, charitable or private.

Fun work fact: Offers entertainment and humour along with daily duties.

Fun non work fact: I eat all things chocolate except if it’s covering nuts. Is nuts…

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