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Creative. Commercial. Strategic. Welcome to Champions Advertising.


Looking for an advertising agency that delivers results?

At Champions Advertising we use our multi-channel know-how to create and deliver engaging campaigns that make a big impact.

Whether it is a primetime TV campaign, direct mail, radio, digital or outdoor advertising that best suits your needs, our creative team offer relevant, commercially-minded solutions that fit your brand, your budget and drive awareness.

From the outset our approach is collaborative. We get to know our clients; their priorities, who their customers are and the aims and objectives of their campaign.

We combine our original, innovative thinking with our commercial awareness. The result is quality content that avoids media spend, generates responses and delivers ROI.

Thanks to the relationships we build we are able to secure competitive rates with leading media and advertising outlets across all types of advertising.

Our campaigns aren’t just based on what looks good. We identify who you should be targeting and use this information to secure advertising campaigns that connect with your audience.

Get in touch to discuss your advertising requirements and find out why we are winners of multiple RAR awards.

If you want to know more about advertising, visit our blog.

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Kellie Tillyer

Kellie Tillyer


Role: My role involves creating copy for a wide variety of clients and uses, from blogs to press releases, magazine articles to adverts.

Dislikes: Being late, small furry animals and pasta.

Fun work fact: During my career I have written about everything from asphalt to fashion to robotic lawnmowers!

Fun non work fact: I make a mean party piñata, past efforts include a Minion, pirate and a Minecraft Diamond Sword!

Amelia Neate

Amelia Neate

Senior Talent Executive

Role: I work in the Celebrity Management department helping to manage a number of celebrities we look after, such as Neil Back MBE, Jean-Christophe Novelli and Gail Emms. This involves booking and overseeing various media, event and brand ambassadorial engagements.

Fun work fact: Work is serious, not fun, unless you sit next to Lloyd Bailey!!

Fun non work fact: My two loves in life are playing lacrosse and visiting America.

Amy Coleman

Amy Coleman

Digital Communications Manager

Role: I’m currently working across the social media platforms that Champions Speakers runs, as well as various other corporate/consumer clients.

Fun work fact: I have most recently changed careers, from working at a pharmacy to digital marketing & social media.

Fun non work fact: I write my very own beauty blog, where I constantly display stunning pictures of my nails!

Sunita Mistry

Sunita Mistry

Celebrity Bookkeeper

Role: I work on the accounts of some of our celebrities.

Fun work fact: My desk may look cluttered to everyone else but it is order to me.

Fun non work fact: I dressed up as Minnie Mouse for a hen party one night. I cannot remember anything about the night apart from waking up the next day without a tail on my outfit??

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